The world today is constantly evolving and changing, one constant amongst a myriad of variables is that the human capital component of a business remains a strategic factor of success.

More than ever, companies need to develop creative recruitment and branding approaches to maximise their attractiveness to quality candidates.

How we can help you
We have a team of locally based specialists able to find your future talent and assist you to improve your recruitment processes. Combined with the strength and expertise of our international experience we are able to leverage our knowledge to respond to your recruitment related needs regardless of which element of AIRR they fall under.


Your HR challenges
• What is the best way to recruit experienced and qualified employees?

• Do the candidates have the right technical and behavioural

• How can I attract employees with specific competencies or with an
international exposure?

• What is the best approach to target an audience to generate a large
number of experienced candidates?

• Is the candidate I have met the right one?

VoNK Recommended Approach

• A belief that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Clients need specific and tailored solutions to attract, identify and recruit. Methodologies can and will vary from organisation to organisation.

• Potential target candidates, those actively looking for a new role and those who might best be described as passive are contacted on a regular basis to ensure our information is always up to date and current.

• Extensive Research is conducted and presented to organisations identifying potential candidates who may possess industry specific experience or who have the background and skill set to move across sectors.

• Network Search methodology – this means that existing clients, former and current candidates are informed about the role (ensuring confidentiality of the company) and encouraged to recommend individuals who they think may have the prerequisite skills and backgrounds for the opportunity.

• Press Advertising remains an effective method of communicating with a guaranteed audience. A significant number of individuals read the newspapers on a weekly basis to assess their current market rate. Thus we target the passive job seeker. Advertising also has added benefits. It focuses the attention of candidates we have targeted and approached and ensures they remain interested and aware that there is real competition for the role.


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