Internal Mobility & Succession Planning

Your HR challenges
• What are the key positions in my organisation?

• Who are the high performers in my organisation and what do I have to
do for them?

• How can I anticipate the departure of a key employee within my

• How can I assess the relationship between the individual competencies
of my
employees and the ones required for the key positions identified?

• What is the best approach to ensure my succession planning?


VoNK approach
• Analysis of key technical and behavioural competences

• Design of job and role profile

• Performance evaluation through appraisal system, efficient assessment
centreidentifying strengths and areas for development

• Personality test

• Competencies gap analysis

• Design of tailor-made development planning

• Design of internal or external coaching process

• Outline of personal compensation for executive positions


Induction and Integration
Global research and case studies would indicate that the majority of employee departures occur within the first 100 days of employment. Ensuring that employees are properly inducted and integrated is thus of vital importance for every organisation. It is worth noting that the list of companies that candidates consistently mention as being of interest to them have strong induction and integration programs. At the point of induction most candidates are at their most receptive- this is an ideal opportunity to outline the behaviours that have generated success in the past and the plans for the future.

Companies that recognise that Induction and Integration efforts should form part of an employee’s development throughout their career are rewarded with lower staff attrition rates.

Obviously, the integration needs of a new joiner are different from those needed when you have been within the company for a period of years. However, having regular feedback on where you are now, how you can progress and what you can expect are no less important after three years with a company than on the day you joined.


How we have helped.
VoNK has a local team of specialists able to help you develop and implement your integration programs. Combined with the strength and expertise of our international network and associations we are able to leverage our knowledge to respond to your induction and integration related needs whether they be in appraisal process, succession planning or employee satisfaction surveys.


Motivation Programs
It has been said that only 5% of people are motivated by money alone and that there are many other reasons why people turn up to work. Conversely it is rare that you will meet anyone who will profess to wilfully ‘doing a bad job’.


Potential Challenges
• What are the other incentives than a straight salary increase that I could
implement to ensure my staff remain motivated and loyal?

• How can I improve the performance and development of individuals within
my organisation?

• How can I ensure that my staff’s individual development is aligned with the
business needs?


• Development of a new joiner handbook

• Design of ‘menu’ of offerings including incentives schemes,
wellness program.

• Design of internal or external coaching process - Individual, day-to-day,
executive coaching and mentoring programs.

• Design of different
tailor-made methods including single or group assessments

• Personality test “Insights Discovery”

Employee satisfaction survey

Your HR challenges
• Are the expectations of my employees aligned to the company strategy?

• How can I measure the impact of a new strategy on the employees’

• How can I cope with the complaints of my employees?

• How can I grasp the opinion of my employees about an evolving working

• Identification of the themes to be investigated

• Design of an employee satisfaction survey

• Analysis and presentation of the survey results

• Determination of actions for change

• Appraisal system

Your challenges
• How can I measure the performance of my employees?

• Do I have the right person at the right place?

• Design and review of performance management system including set up
of objectives, competency framework.

• Delivery of training on “how to deliver a constructive feedback?”
(appraisal performance review techniques)

The attractiveness and flexibility of compensation and benefits packages are obviously important and impact on an employer's ability to Attract & Retain talent. However, reward schemes need to go beyond a simple salary mind-set. Companies considered as “Employers of Choice” offer their employees more say in their compensation packages by making them more flexible and allowing staff to choose fringe benefits most suited to their individual needs.

How we can help you
Our international network of associates and consultants mean that we are able to research the reward programs that operate in the US, UK and Europe and Australasia and respond to your reward related needs whether they are in remuneration systems, incentive schemes or superannuation plans.

Some challenges you may face
• What is the level of remuneration to budget for a new hiring or for a new

• How am I positioned in terms of compensation plan compared to other
companies operating in sector?

• Do I have to increase the variable part of the remuneration for my

• Is my bonus model aligned with my business objectives?

• Which key objectives could be set to determine my bonus policy?

• Do I have to increase the variable part of the remuneration for my

• Could a low package of remuneration explain my staff turnover rate?

• How could I design the package for my executive team?

• Sector specific salary evolution surveys

• Tailored compensation & benefits benchmarking

• Design of bonus models in alignment with business objective

• Outline of personal compensation for executive positions

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