VoNK is a specialist talent acquisition organisation. It is our experience that no one recruitment methodology in isolation can guarantee a successful outcome. Our recommendation and preferred method of operation is to utilise a multi-layered approach, incorporating but not limited to the below elements:


Utilising successfully proven research techniques we are able to produce a list of organisations where candidates with the required skills may be working. We then undertake additional research to contact relevant individuals and discuss the opportunity with them. Managing the sensitivities involved in this process is paramount and at all times confidentialities are vigorously protected.
This process effectively targets those individuals who may not be actively seeking a new position, thus ensuring clients are able to review a range of exceptional candidates not just those currently looking for a new position.

Network Search Assignment
We have developed and continue to maintain a unique and broad international network of established, high calibre professionals in key functional and vertical market disciplines.  This network allows us to quickly get in contact with appropriate individuals.

We have been able to meet with appropriate individuals, brief them and assess their skills and suitability for the opportunity and turnaround shortlists within 7 working days.

Past networking campaigns we have implemented have required ‘out of the box’ thinking and have been well received by candidates who otherwise would have been unlikely to respond to either a direct approach via search techniques, nor the more traditional advertised selection method. 

Press Advertising

Despite the rise of internet job boards and the alternative methods outlined above, press advertising still has a role to play in candidate attraction and successful campaigns.
Press advertising is still very much an effective and viable option for recruitment. Obviously not appropriate for every position and client requirement, however still often quality candidates are searching certain publications for a new position. More often than not, press advertising also targets those passively seeking new employment, therefore reaching a broader range of candidates for the client.
The advertising can also offer other benefits for branding and communication.